Terms and conditions

  • Online Store Terms

    If you agree to our terms and condition then you must be of the age of majority in the residence or province. Also, on agreeing to the terms, you are giving the right to minor to use the site from your home and we don’t have any role on it.

    In case, we see you as a threat of using the site by any unauthorized or illegal mean then we will breach the service. The same will be followed up in case of any violation of jurisdiction law. You also can’t transmit any kind of virus or worm of a critical nature.

  • General conditions

    We have the right to say no to anyone for any service anytime. If we find that you are duplicating, reproducing. Reselling, copying or exploiting any of the content than we can end your service at that moment and take strict actions against you.

  • Information Responsibility

    If there is any information that is not cleared to you then it is not our responsibility. We are not responsible for any and they are selling it on their own basis. Hence, don’t rely on it without accuracy, reliability or completeness in the material. Take a risk at your own responsibility.

  • Modification in Services

    The prices of the products can be changed without our knowledge. However, we have rights to modify any of the services at any time. We are not reliable to any third-party or you for any sort of modification, discontinuance, suspension, price change of the service.

  • Products or Services

    It is possible that certain services are available throughout the site. However, there are products that will have limited access to these services and will follow a fixed return policy. We have done our best to come with the product along with images and colours. However, we are not responsible for its display on any other system.

    We have the right to reserve the sales limit of a certain service or product to any region, person or jurisdiction. We also have the right to limit the quantities of the services or product. However, with not due notice, it is possible that we can change the pricing or the service on a product. We also don’t warrant any sort of quality for the services, purchases material or information.

  • Account Information

    We have the right to refuse any of the product ordered by you or cancel out the quantities. This will be followed up if the order is made on the name of the same account, same credit card, or even the shipping or billing address. However, we will send out a notification on the email address provided by you or your contact number in case of cancelling.

    We offer complete, accurate and current purchases to the customers to ensure reliability and ensure the quality of a purchase. You will have proper updates on the delivery information.

  • Optional Tools

    There are a few of third-party tools that are open for a customer that is not monitored by us. However, if you agree or acknowledge the access with no warranties, condition or representations then we will not be responsible for the arising of any form issues. They are used on your own risk. Hence, you need to be familiar with the tool while approving the tool. Even the news services or offers added by us will follow the guidelines.

  • Rating and Reviews

    If you are rating, reviewing or even commenting on the product or emailing us any of the issues then we are free to use the same information on our end to copy, duplicate, publish or translate the words. We are not obligated to anyone to maintain the confidence, compensation on any comments or even responding comments.

    We also don’t have any obligations to edit, monitor, and remove any of the content that is unlawful, threatening, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, unlawful or obscene. However, you have are agreeing that there will be no violation of comments for us or third-party. Also, you need to take care of the privacy, trademark, copyright, personal, personality, proprietary violations. You are solely responsible for your own actions.

  • Personal Information

    The information provided to you is as per the privacy policy followed by our company.

  • Errors, Omissions and Inaccuracies

    It is possible that the sites contain inaccuracies, typographical errors or any sort of omissions that might be related to some pricing, products, transmit time and so on. Hence, we have the right to correct the information as per our convenience at any time no say at your end. We don’t have any obligations of the update, refresh date or any other task that might be related to our site. However, the notification can be provided in case of any change.

  • Prohibited Uses

    There are many obligations for the customers to follow that will include no use of the unlawful purpose, solicit practice on their end, violation of the federal, international or other law, rules, etc. Also, there must be no infringing of the intellectual properties, to harass, harm, insult, defame, intimate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, age, race, and disability.

    Also, customers can’t post any content that might mislead, others, transmit worms or virus. Also, no customer can collect any personal information, to phish, spam, scrape, crawl, etc. We have rights to terminate the service of any customer that is related to the violation of the rules.

  • Entire Agreement

    In case of any failure in terms of enforcement or exercise in terms of the terms and services providedshall not wavier. These policies are the operating rules for the website and we take it seriously for the understanding of services or proposal.

  • Contact Information

    Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at sale.khushbufashion@gmail.com