Privacy Policy

Why do you require my personal information?

When a single purchase is made from our store, then it is essential to collect the information such as name, email address, personal address, phone number, etc. The information is directly stored to the server that will send back your information if you used the website again. We also use this data for email marketing, if applicable.

How do you get my contest?

While making a transaction, we will require your personal information so that we can place an order after verification. We ensure thatwe only collect the information as per the contest of our customers. In the case of email marketing, we will take your permission and only then will send out the emails.

How can I withdraw my consent in future?

It is actually simple, you can write us down so that we can process your request of withdrawal of consent. Write us on,


C-1305, st floor,
New Bombay Market,
Umarwada, Surat,
Gujarat (395010) India
Or mail us


Will my information be disclosed?

We don’t have any right to disclose any information unless it is for the law and government. If you are violating any of the legal rules or our terms of service then we have to disclose the information.

What isthe mode of payment you follow?

We usually follow the Razorpay options for payment. However, it is assured that your card information will not be saved with us. We follow a strict payment encryption method via Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) that avoid any saving of information. When the transaction is over at your end, at the same moment, the data will be deleted from our end.
For more insight, you may also want to read terms and conditions of razorpay on

What about yourThird-Party Service?

The third-party tools might collect your information but it will be only in certain criteria to which your permission will be required. If you said no then there will be no data saved at theirend. However, the payment gateways have their own policies to follow. We can’t guarantee their mindset.

It is essential for a customer to get through their policies before sharing any of the crucial details. This will give you an insight on what third-party is demanding for. Also, there are provides that might be located or fall under the different law of government than you. Hence, it is possible that your transaction details are the matter of jurisdiction(s) as per the location.

You are only subjected to answer our policies when you are using the site. Once, you closed it, the policies will hold up and we won’t know what you are doing.

How my security is not at stake with you?

We are taking certain preventive measures to ensure that your personal information is safe with us. Our main aim is to ensure the best practice for the customers with no misuse, lost or altered information.

Why the cookies are used?

It is to make sure that we are maintaining a session. This process doesn’t save any information or other details.

What is the age of consent?

The age of the consent will be the majority one which will work well as per the residence or state. It is essential to give your consent to the respective site to ensure that data is not shared among any minor age group.

Will you change your privacy policy?

Yes, we have the right to change our privacy policy as per out frequency and work. This is due to the clarification and changes that are effective immediately as soon as it is out on the site. However, we notify our customer when we change any of the policy to keep them updated and aware about the new addition.

How can we get in touch with you in case of any query or change in the data?

If you would like to:amend,correct, accessor delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at

C-1305, st floor,
New Bombay Market,
Gujarat (395010) India
Or mail us