Pricing Policy

Price Range

We have ensured to maintain the customized pricing that is reasonable as per our services and quality. All the details are in front of you as per efficiency, efforts and output. The range of amount will vary from INR 100 to 1000.

Schedule of Payment

Some of the services can be availed at the fixed span only. The timings are mentioned in such cases with the description of the respective product. The period can vary between 1 month and 1 year.

Price Matching

At Khushbu Fashion, our main focus is to ensure that the offers are given to the customerfor the products. Also, we aim to meet our customers pricing goals as per the colour and size. However, we can’t match up the price to the outlet or auctions of a site. Also, there are shipping offers, promotions, discounts, and gift card present.

Sale Adjustment

We can adjust the price of the sale in case a product amount is decreased after your purchase. However, the time considered will lie in 2 weeks only. Point to note is that only we will be adjusting the price but the amount of the original designer will be excluded.

Pricing Error

We are working hard 24x7 to make sure that the purchase and selling are done accurately. However, small mistakes can occur anytime. In such condition, if the amount is higher than displayed on the screen then the order will be cancelled and you will be updated about the changes.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart will reflect your shopping taste. It will display the price of an item. However, the price might differ from the time you added it to the cart. We are also offering merchandise services that allow you to enjoy on a personal level without any resale. Hence, we have the right to refuse to sell to the purchaser who we assume might be reselling the product.

Our Customer Service Specialists are ready to assist you simply call +91 95375 10757 24 hours a day.